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36-Piece Insulated Geometric Set with Capri Infinity and 3D Deformation Technology

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Magna-Form Equations: 36-Piece 3D Magnetic Geometric Builder Set with Capri Infinity Design Discover the wonders of geometry with Magna-Form Equations! This 36-piece set brings the excitement of 3D magnetic deformation into your hands. Each piece is designed with high magnetic insulation, ensuring a strong and stable build. The Capri Infinity Equation design adds an extra layer of challenge and creativity, making it perfect for aspiring mathematicians and architects alike. The set's versatility allows for endless configurations, fostering creativity and spatial understanding in a fun, engaging way.

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GeoMagnet Infinity: 4-in-1 High Magnetic Insulated Surface Set - 36 Solid Geometric Shapes GeoMagnet Infinity is an innovative 4-in-1 magnetic construction set, featuring 36 solid geometric shapes with a high magnetic insulation surface. This design ensures safe and durable play, perfect for young minds eager to explore the realms of geometry and physics. The set's unique magnetic properties allow for fascinating deformation possibilities, creating a limitless world of 3D structures. Ideal for educational play, it helps develop spatial reasoning and fine motor skills.

InfiniShapes 36: Advanced Magnetic Deformation Set with Capri Infinity Equations Unleash your creativity with InfiniShapes 36, an advanced set of magnetic geometric shapes featuring the unique Capri Infinity Equations. This set contains 36 pieces, each boasting high magnetic insulation for safe and secure building. The pieces can be deformed and reconnected in countless ways, encouraging exploration of geometric concepts and creative construction. It's an excellent educational tool for introducing mathematical equations and geometric principles in a hands-on, interactive manner.

Magnetix 4D Puzzle: 36-Piece Insulated Geometric Set with Capri Infinity and 3D Deformation Technology Enter a new dimension of puzzle-solving with the Magnetix 4D Puzzle Set. This collection of 36 insulated geometric shapes uses advanced 3D deformation technology to bring your creations to life. The Capri Infinity equation integrated into the design adds complexity and beauty to each structure you build. With high magnetic insulation, each piece connects seamlessly, allowing for stable and intricate constructions. It's a perfect blend of education and entertainment, enhancing cognitive skills and imagination.

Capri Infinity Creations: 36-Piece Magnetic Geometric Set - High Insulation, 3D Deformation, 4-in-1 Design Capri Infinity Creations is a magnetic geometric set like no other. With 36 high-insulated pieces, this set allows for 4 different ways to play and learn. Each piece is equipped with the ability to undergo 3D deformation, offering endless possibilities for creative building. The Capri Infinity Equation adds an educational twist, making it an ideal tool for learning about geometry and magnetic properties. Suitable for both children and adults, this set is a fantastic way to engage in creative problem-solving and innovative design.

Skill Level: Beginner
Applicable Age Group: 3 Years Old (exclusive) - 6 Years Old (inclusive)
Major Material: ABS
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD—Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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