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🔥Advanced Relay Tester for High-Performance Testing

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Introducing our Automotive Relay Tester - the perfect tool for testing the functionality of your car's relays. This tester is equipped with automatic detection capabilities that determine the pin position, release time of action, and consistency of the relay during each test phase. If the relay is functioning properly, the green LED light will illuminate; if the relay is abnormal, the red LED light will turn on.


Getting started with the tester is easy. Simply clip the alligator clips onto your car's battery, with the black clip on the negative pole and the red clip on the positive pole. Once the red LED light turns on, the tester is ready to begin testing. Be sure to check your relay before testing and select the appropriate socket according to the pins. Insert the relay into the socket, press the "Test" button, and the tester will automatically detect the pin position of the unknown relay.


Our Automotive Relay Tester is suitable for most general-purpose automotive relays on the market and requires connection to a 12V battery with a voltage between 11V-15V. The applicable coil resistance is preferably above 20 ohms.


This tester is designed with convenience in mind, with a compact and portable design that allows for easy storage and on-the-go use. With our patented design, you can trust that you will receive accurate and efficient results quickly and easily. Ensure your car's relays are functioning properly with our Automotive Relay Tester.


Package Included:

1 x Digital Relay Test Kit for Efficient Testing

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