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Automatic Magnetic Stirring Coffee Mug

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Color: White


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❤️Application: This cup is suitable for stirring instant coffee with coffee mate creamer, hot cocoa powder, chocolate, honey, syrup, sugar crystals, etc.

❤️The automatic mixing cup is made of ABS and steel. When pouring boiling water into the cup, the double-layer design of the cup body will not burn your hands.

❤️Suitable for mixing thick, pasty, ice squares, oatmeal and other solids that cannot be quickly dissolved.

❤️Easy to use: Easy to use, an perfect Mother's Day gift for everyone, men, women, elderly, children, family and friends.

❤️The automatic mixing cup adopts a fixed rotor design. When adding boiling water or rotating, the rotor will not deviate from the center, which can avoid the risk of accidental eating.

Automatic Self Stirring Magnetic Mug Stainless Steel Temperature Difference Coffee Mixing Cup Blender Smart Mixer Thermal Cup

Package Include:

1 x Automatic Magnetic Stirring Coffee Mug (AAA Battery not included)

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