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Dog Toys Frisbee Ball

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Do you know that choosing the right toy is good for the mind and health; enjoy more time to bond, grow, succeed!

Let our doggies play with toys frequently, it is not only a good way to burn off excess energy but also a brilliant way to protect our furniture from damage and encourage their strength and growth.

★Upgraded Tuggy Ball-The ball doesn’t require to be inflated, convenient to use. You can press it to frisbee and throw it out, it’ll fly for three to four seconds and automatically turn to a ball and falls to the ground. The ball is easy to fly higher and farther.

★Safe and Durable- The ball adopts healthy and environment-friendly PP+ABS materials, without any harmful coating or gas. It’s safe, durable, and chewable.

★Chewing and Grinding Teeth- Nylon ropes have been evenly sewn on the ball surface, which is convenient for dogs to fetch, arouses their interest to bite, and cleans their teeth by clearing away their tartar, residues, or dirt. Not for aggressive chewers.

★Water Sports Ball- The dog toy ball is designed to be light and floating, able to be played in pools, lakes, and beaches. It’s bright in color and easy to be found.

★Tug-of-war Toy-The ball has tough nylon ropes at both ends, so you and your dog can play tug of war with it, strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

★Laugh at home- There are many cotton ropes around the sphere, which are used for the dogs to chew and bite. While grinding their teeth, they can carry out deep cleaning and descaling of the teeth. There are nylon ropes at both ends of the toy ball, which is convenient for us to throw out the toys. You can also use the ropes at the ends of the toy to play tug-of-war with the dog.


★Running outdoors-
 Our products have a brand-new design concept, simple operation, sturdy and durable, and comprehensive functions. It has two modes: ball or frisbee. You can change the toy from a ball to a frisbee by just pressing lightly, and the toy will bounce back into a ball after 3 seconds. When you throw it out violently, the frisbee shape allows the toy to have a longer flight distance, and then it turns into a sphere shape in the air. This design allows the toy to become a sphere and roll at a long distance after landing, forming a scientific buffer distance. Prevent dogs from "emergency braking", which will have a negative impact on their bones and bones. Shattered. 

★Play in the water-
 The plastic material can make the toy float easily. Throw the toy in the water and play with the dogs. Get close to nature and stay away from the heat. It makes our faces full of smiles, enjoy that precious time with your pet. An adventure is worth looking forward to! 

★unique design-
 The toys are mainly made of PP+ABS safety material, sturdiness, and durability. Scratch-resistant, the dog's bite, and grabbing are not easy to damage the surface of the sphere. High temperature resistant, the heat will not deform it, and it is convenient for high-temperature disinfection. The surface rope is made of cotton and nylon, which is healthy and pollution-free. The overall design is rounded and has no pointed ends, and can not be disassembled to protect the dog from being eaten by mistake.

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