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Dogs Hoodies Sweatshirt

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Color: Black

Size: M 1.6KG-2KG

M 1.6KG-2KG
S 1.1KG-1.5KG
XL 3.1KG-4.5KG
L 2.1KG-3KG
3XL 6.5KG-10KG
2XL 4.6KG-6.5KG
5XL 14.1KG-18KG
4XL 10.1KG-14KG
7XL 22.6KG-27.5KG
6XL 18.1KG-22KG
9XL 32.1KG-36KG
8XL 27.6KG-31.5KG


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The size of each product is different. Do not choose based on buying habits. Before ordering, please check the size table carefully and choose the size that suits you. Consider the logistics speed. For growing dogs, please reserve more space. For the bust and back length, two values must be selected correctly. You can also contact the seller to suggest you choose a size.

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