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Fawnmum 150 Pcs / Teeth Whitening Kit Super Soft Teeth Cleaning Brush

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This is a box of 150 interdental brushes. Toothpicks are made of food-grade materials, soft in texture, non-toxic, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.

*Silicone soft interdental toothpicks have soft and comfortable bristles, which can gently remove plaque, clear food and massage gums. The soft silicone bristles can be easily inserted into most teeth, thereby eliminating the plaque that often occurs in gum disease and cannot be touched by the toothbrush. Therefore, this is definitely an ideal oral cleaning tool for you and your family, you should have!

Packed in a box, it is very convenient to carry and very hygienic.


Material: soft silicone

Size: Length 4.8 cm

Color: green

Note: Clean between the teeth at least once a day, and clean the plaque in the area that the toothbrush cannot reach (tooth decay and gum disease often occur)! It is as effective as dental floss to remove plaque, but easier and more convenient.

Package includes: 1 box*150pcs* Silicagel Interdental brush

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