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HairReBirth Herbal Spray

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Give your thinning hair and bald head a chance with the HAIRREBIRTH HERBAL SPRAY, which is specially formulated with an all-natural, advance and effective ingredient that repairs damaged hair and help increase hair growth and bring back the loss hair instantly, as well as adds strength and nutrition to the scalp.


  • Prevent split ends, hair fall and baldness, and cure and protect the scalp.
  • Ables to hydrate and nourish the dry, frizzy and damaged hair instantly.
  • 100 % Natural ingredients with a key ingredients of Ginger Extract.
  • Adds strength and nutrition to the scalp therefore giving birth to a new hair growth successfully.

How to Use

  1. Just wash your hair and when hair is half dry, spray a generous amount into the roots on the area needed hair to grow.
  2. Massage for 2-3 minutes with your fingertips.
  3. No need to wash your hair after use. apply this 2 times (Morning and Night) for a more desirable result.

Product Details

1pc/3pcs x HairReBirth Herbal Spray (10ml)

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