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Innovative Built-in Mini Control Module LED Light Bar

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Style: White-Yellow

Size (in): 11.81"



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Introducing our cutting-edge LED light bar with an integrated mini control module, a game-changer in automotive lighting technology. Designed with your convenience and safety in mind, this light bar sets a new standard in both form and function.

Built-In Mini Control Module: Experience the future of automotive lighting with the control module seamlessly integrated into the light bar. No need for external controllers or complex wiring - it's all right here.

Sealed for Protection: The controller is sealed inside the lamp tube alongside the bulb panel, providing complete protection against the elements, ensuring longevity and performance in all weather conditions.

Driver-Integrated IC: This light bar incorporates a driver-integrated IC for efficient and reliable operation. You can trust that your lighting system is equipped with the latest technology.

Strong Anti-Interference: Our innovative design boasts exceptional anti-interference capabilities, guaranteeing a stable and interference-free lighting experience. Drive with confidence and without distractions.

Space-Saving Design: By integrating the control module within the light bar, we've saved valuable installation space. No more dealing with bulky external controllers or additional wiring complexities.

Quick Start-Up: Experience shorter start-up times with instant illumination. Say goodbye to delays and enjoy immediate visibility on the road.

Light Scanning Effect: When you activate this light, it features an eye-catching light scanning effect during startup, enhancing the overall visual impact. Elevate your vehicle's appearance with a unique and mesmerizing lighting experience.


Material: Silicone /LED
Input Voltage: 12V
Suitable: Universal for all the cars
Feature:Waterproof,Flowing Turning
Working Temperature: -40~50 Celsius
Light thickness: 0.3 cm (About 0.12 inch)
Light Size: 30 cm/45 cm/60 cm/70cm (About 11.81 inch/ 17.72 inch/ 23.62 inch/ 27.55 inch)


1. Stick on outside the headlight
2. Wire Connection:
Red Wire: +12V/ACC, always on when driving
Black wire: - GND / ground (negative power supply)
Yellow wire: connecting to turn signal (+)
Buy attributes: Only white does not need to connect yellow wire, only red and black two wires

Package Included:

  • 2 Pcs * Innovative Built-in Mini Control Module LED Light Bar

Upgrade your vehicle's lighting with our Built-in Mini Control Module LED Light Bar. Say goodbye to cluttered installations and experience the convenience of integrated control. With quick start-up times, strong anti-interference capabilities, and an eye-catching scanning effect, this light bar is designed to impress. Elevate your driving experience and make a statement on the road. Choose innovation, choose our LED light bar.

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