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Interactive Cat Toy

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A Hypnotic Toy That Has Even The Grumpiest Of Cats Fully Engaged And Intrigued!

Reduces Separation Anxiety - Fish is designed to keep your cats engaged while reducing their stress and anxiety when they are left alone.

This naughty toy is the perfect replacement for when you’re at work, or have other important tasks to tend to, or want some quiet alone time.


Improves Well-being & Behavior - More than 70% of cats display stress, anxiety and boredom when left alone.

Fish calms our lonely fur babies and prevents destructive behavior, resulting in lesser breakage of household items that can be potentially hazardous/costly in the long term.

We can combat this by piquing their natural instincts, killing boredom and thus, improving their overall happiness and mental health of our fur babies!

This touch-and-go, downright fishy toy will wiggle its way and into your cats' heart with remarkable ease. The toy features a built-in motor that keeps it in a constant wiggly motion. The result? A gripping dance of throws and bites plus a happily engaged kitty cat! 

When you're out and about, your furry prince or princess will have something fun to do - other than making a mess -  and quite possibly, won't even notice you're gone.


Fish not only looks like a real fish, but it also flops like one too! The life-like feel of Fish will entice even the laziest cats into hours of engaging play.


This toy plays to the pets’ natural instincts and is activated only when engaged.

Once your cat touches Fish, it will instantly jump to life and flops around, much to your cat’s surprise!

After your cat stops interacting with it,  Fish automatically goes into standby mode to preserves the battery and prolong its life. Neat huh?

A totally realistic and pawsome experience for your furry friend.



Cats love catnip. In every Naughty™ Fishes, there's a built-in, refillable catnip pouch to entice even the laziest of cats.

Oh, and the first catnip fill is on us too!



Comes with a USB charging cable and a long-lasting battery, ensuring days on end of uninterrupted and safe play. Takes only a mere 40 minutes to fully charge. 



Unlike most pet toys, this naughty toy will stand the test of jaws, throws, and claws of your furry ball of destruction!

Manufactured with durable, wear-resistant Kevlar without the use of toxic plastics or smelly paddings. 100% pet-safe and fun!



A: Is the toy machine washable?

Q: Yes, the toy is machine-washable, just make sure to remove the motor and the catnip pouch out before washing.


A:  How long does it take to fully charge?

Q: About 40 minutes. Make sure the motor is in OFF mode before charging.


A: Can my dog play with this toy?

Q: Certainly as this toy appeals to both dogs and cats! However, we do not recommend giving it to large dogs.

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