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Interactive Cat Toys Ball

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Color: Blue


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The cat toy ball has 2 modes to meet cats with different personalities: normal mode and gentle mode, the cat ball will automatically move, shake or bounce when it is turned on, attracting cats to chase, it is your indoor toy interactive cat toy

Built-in intelligent motion sensor and automatic obstacle avoidance system, as long as the cat touches it with its nose or paws, it will immediately react and play with the cat, when it encounters obstacles, it will automatically reverse and move away

The cat smart ball is made of silicone material, specially designed for cats, kittens and puppies, the ball is not waterproof, not suitable for aggressive pets to play with, it may be damaged by aggressive chewing dogs, it is suitable for hard floors, not suitable for on the carpet

The interactive cat ball provides a more convenient USB charging interface, which saves you the tedious work of frequently changing batteries. The toy ball can play for 4 hours in mild mode, and only needs to be charged for 1 hour at a time. If the kitten constantly interacts with the ball, the ball will power will be consumed faster

The toy ball is very easy to use, no need to connect to the mobile app, just turn on and adjust the mode to make the cat more lively and bold. Let your beloved cat unleash his natural instincts and grow healthily with the toy ball.


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