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Lymphatic Detox Healing Ginger Patch

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Reduce Swelling and Eliminate Toxins With This!

                                             One patch can last 12-24 hours

The Lymphatic Detox Healing Ginger Patch is a tested and proven herbal treatment that helps relieve blocked lymph nodes, joint or body pains, migraine, and stomach bloating. It also serves as a powerful detoxifier and muscle relaxant. Made purely from the king of ginger root extracts, it’s the fast-acting, safe, and natural solution that you’ve been looking for.
Skin Type:All skin types
?This patch can effectively relieve muscle pain and promote blood circulation.
?This product can provide heat continuously to the body,with some relieving rheumatism and cold.
?Suitable for periarthritis of shoulder,lumbar muscle strain caused by shoulder,waist pain,swelling and so on.
?Dispel wind and dissipate cold,tendon relaxation and activation of blood circulation,relieve swelling and pain,remove chill caused pain.
?1 set(10 pieces) as a course of treatment. 2-3 treatments (20-30 patches ) are suggested to achieve best result.

Tried every possible high-end cure but to no avail? Finding immediate long-term relief from swelling and body pain can be difficult. Symptoms tend to recur after just a short period of time, taking a toll on your overall health and mobility. The Lymphatic Detox Healing Ginger Patch is a trusted fast-acting and long-lasting remedy.




  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Its main ingredient is the king of ginger root, which makes it a fast-acting, safe, and natural solution to a number of conditions like inflammation, lymphatic drainage, arthritis, sciatica, joint pain, tensed shoulder, bloating, menstrual cramps, etc.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS - It also boosts energy level, improves metabolism, enhances blood circulation, and supports a healthy immune system. As an all-around natural cure, it is an effective digestive, expectorant, antiseptic, carminative, analgesic, and blood flow stimulant.
  • EFFECTIVE - Chemical-free and cost-efficient, it is uniquely formulated to absorb fast and deep, opening up the lymph nodes to enhance proper blood flow and effectively cure a lot of unhealthy body conditions for good.



  • Patch Size: 8cm x 12cm


  • 1 set of Lymphatic Detox Healing Ginger Patch (10 pcs)

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