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Powerful vibrators

Inside detacable bullet virator


Cleaning steps:

1. Take out the colloid, rinse it with warm water or sex toy cleaning solution, and disable alcohol-based cleaning agents.

2. After rinsing, place the shell and colloid in a cool, dry and ventilated place to dry naturally and avoid direct sunlight.

3. After drying, put the gel back inside the cup body, fasten the lid of the cup, and wait for the next use.

Steps for usage:

1. Tear off the label on the top of the cup to expose the air hole.

2. Tear off the packaging film at the bottom of the cup along the dotted line, and twist off the lid.

3. Before use, take out the vibrator from the lid of the vibrating aircraft cup, unscrew the top cover, take out the insulating pad, and screw the top cover back. After adjusting this step for the non-vibrating aircraft cup, go directly to step 5.

4. Take out the colloid from the cup, install the vibrator to the reserved hole of the colloid, turn on the switch of the vibrator, and put the colloid back into the cup.

5. Add an appropriate amount of lubricant at the entrance of the colloid channel to start using.

6. Before use, adjust the vacuum degree in the cup with the index finger in accordance with the movement rhythm of unblocked, half-blocked, and full-blocked cups at the top of the cup to experience different feelings.

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