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Phone Screen Magnifier

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Color: Black

Size: 10 inches

10 inches
12 inches


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Phone Screen Magnifier is a compact, stylish, self-standing gadget which amplifies any device into a 12 inch, full HD screen. With the popularity of smartphones, more and more people use them to watch online movies, YouTube or their favorite TV shows. However, Phone Screen can be very unpleasant to the eyes. Phone Screen Magnifier solves the problem of mobile phone screen! 

Phone Screen Magnifier will transform your platform immediately, wherever you may be, so you can indulge in some YOU time. Instantly transform your world within seconds, just unfold and go!

A comfortable magnifier that doubles as a phone stand so you can enjoy watching hands-free! For added effects add a Bluetooth keyboard and use it for extreme gameplay.

Made from high-quality materials: The silicon-based non-slip pad will ensure the protection of your phone.



Main Features:

✅ Non-Slop Phone Amplifier Screen: It can prevent fatigue and radiation, even if you watch a movie all day, you won't feel tired, movie lover can release their hands and immerse themselves all the time.

Mobile Phone Magnifier for All Smartphones: Plexiglass screens make the watching effect clearer and more Stereoscopic. It is always a very creative and fashionable gifts for friends and family. Especially for Old People, Children, and movie lover.

Smartphone Magnifier 2-6 Times: Zooming in 2-6 times allows you to adjust the watching distance according to the size of the screen.

Easy Way to Use: No battery needed, portable size is also very suitable for carrying. It is also very suitable for children to watch cartoons, and it can be used easily, and it can also protect children's eyes and prevent radiation from your baby.

A Unique Gift!

Are you tired of trying to think of a new Xmas present for your loved ones? Well, we have done all of that for you! Wrap up their new Galactic™ Magnifier and give them a surprise they’d never guess in a billion light-years!

Adjust the magnifier screen to your liking by moving it up or down and then enjoy the enhanced view that you can use for reading text messages and website articles, watching videos and movies, or anything else that is being displayed on your device. 

  • No Power-driven
  • 3D effect
  • Suitable for all kinds of mobile phone
  • Specially fit for the elderly to read books
  • Reduces the eyes fatigue when you watch videos on the phone
  • Suitable for use on various occasions such as indoors, camping, travel, and leisure, etc


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