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OctoSplash: The Ultimate Outdoor Water Toy!

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Color: Purple OctoSplash


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Splash-Tastic Fun

This captivating water toy delights children as it sprays refreshing streams of water, creating hours of outdoor fun. 



















Watch as your little ones giggle and play in the gentle spray

Add a touch of aquatic magic to your lawn and keep your children happily engaged with the OctoSplash!



















Interactive Outdoor Fun

The OctoSplash Octopus Sprinkler transforms outdoor play into an exciting aquatic adventure, keeping kids entertained for hours. 

Safe and Kid-Friendly

Designed with children's safety in mind, the OctoSplash features gentle water streams that provide a playful and refreshing experience, suitable for kids ages 3 to 7 years old. 

Memorable Summertime Moments

Create lasting memories as children laugh and play under the cascading water streams, enhancing the joy of summertime activities. 



Easy Setup

Simply connect it to a standard garden hose, and watch as the delightful octopus sprays water in all directions.


Durable and Engaging Design

Crafted with durable materials, the OctoSplash Octopus Sprinkler boasts a captivating design that captures kids' imaginations and encourages active, imaginative play in the great outdoors. 

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