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OriginPro Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Bar

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Before we introduce our product, let's look at our happy customers.


35 years old Bernadette Green has been searching shampoos without chemical. When she found this shampoo bar, she just loves it! Ms. Green submitted this photo on her journey with OriginPro Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Bar after utilizing for 2 months. Congratulations on the wonderful result!

"A miracle shampoo bar! I have been using it for 2 months, and more and more grey hairs have turned back to the original dark brown! Such a relief! Smells pleasantly earthy and it gives great foam easily. Absolutely recommended!"

Bernadette Green
Seattle, Washington



Mina Mack have been suffering from her itchy scalp and shedding dandruff for years. The regular shampoo makes the condition of her scalp worse. This is the reason she started looking for shampoo bar that can remove her scalp problems.

"Thank God, this natural OriginPro Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Bar keeps my scalp fresh and dandruff free. It left no residue on my scalp. My hair feels smooth and soft. Most importantly, I don't scratch my scalp anymore. I am very happy that I found good shampoo bars for my hair."

Mina Mack
Phoenix, Arizona


Consist of 2 Key Ingredients for OriginPro Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Bar

  1. Polygonum Multiflorum
  2. Asparagales

Polygnum multiflorum extract works during the telogen to the anagen transition phase of hair growth. According to recent research, polygonum multiflorum extract promoted hair growth by stimulating the scalp into getting to growth phase quicker.

According to other studies, Asparagales may also be an effective treatment for seborrheic dermatitis, the condition that causes dandruff. One small, dated study in 2020 found that participants who were treated with aloe vera had a significant reduction in itchiness, scaliness, and the size of the area affected by their dandruff.

OriginPro Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Bar Special Functions

  • Gently stimulate and strength your hair follicles.
  • Gradually reverse and prevent greying of hair.
  • Thoroughly nourish your scalp and restore hair growth-cycle.
  • Promote hair growth.
  • Moisturize limp hair and boost hair growth.
  • Provide smoother hair texture.
  • Clean your scalp and strengthen hair cuticles, treats dandruff and flaky skin, improve blood circulation.

Annabelle's 8 Weeks Hair Re-Growth Report:

Unexpected massive hair fall is Annabelle's biggest problem. The years have begun to give her unattractive hair. Annabelle stated that she opted to try OriginPro Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Bar because she was unhappy with the lack of results from other methods. She tried these under the recommendation by her friend.

Here is the result...

Week 1


"I've already heard of this brand before so I kind of had some hope. The ingredients are all natural so no harsh chemicals will be applied on your hair. I've used it for one week. It definitely helped clean the scalp and hair loss was relieved a little bit. I'll keep trying the natural shampoo bar and hope it can help more."

Week 4


"After 4 week of OriginPro Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Bar and it's unbelievable.

I've never bought a shampoo bar before, so I was amazed at how wonderful they are. I've been using mine once a day for a month and I was blown away that it still got so much after a month. I wouldn't be surprised if this same bar can last 2 months. I've tried other natural shampoos and they always left my hair feeling dry and my scalp would get gross, but not with this one. I'm hooked! My hair thicker and grow faster."

Week 8


"2 months later (after daily and sometimes twice daily use).

I have noticed an amazing quick hair growth. My hair gets thicker, my scalp does feel cool and clean that other natural shampoos can not give. I'm going to stick with this shampoo bar because its doing its job. I'm also amazed that the scent hasn't diminished. I still walk into my bathroom throughout the day and it smells like the shampoo. Wow!"

Before and after picture of Annabelle White. The picture on the right was taken after 2 months of using

"My hair is smoother and thicker and I look incredible with my hair- Thank you OriginPro Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Bar for an amazing transformation!"

Ingredients: Polygonum Multiflorum and Aloe Vera Gel.

How to Use:

  • Wet your hair.
  • Apply the OriginPro Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Bar directly on your wet hair (a few swipes only, it's concentrated!)
  • Massage gently on your scalp for 2-3 minutes.
  • Wash away the foam with warm water.

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