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🔥Pawsome Protection: The Ultimate Cat Litter Mat for a Cleaner Home

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Color: Black

Size: 11.8" x 17.7"

11.8" x 17.7"
18" x 23.5"
21" x 29.5"


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Say goodbye to litter tracks across your home

With our double-layered, honeycomb design litter mat. It captures the litter stuck to your cat's paws, stopping it from reaching other rooms. This means less cleaning for you and more recycling too.

  • Works With Any Litter You Use.

  • 100% Safe for Pets.

  • Effortless Cleanup.

No More Mess

Big enough to fit around the litter box. This mat catches the litter before it gets to your clean floor. Lift the mat and the litter drops out. Then, just put it back in the cat litter box to use again.


Cut your litter bill by 30%

Our mat cleverly sweeps up stray, untouched litter and directs it back into the box. This could reduce your litter costs by as much as 30%.

We've helped 61,541 cat lovers with messiness

Here's what some of them are saying:

"This works exactly as you would expect. I only wish I bought a bigger size. my chichi likes to sit on this lol so if it doesn't catch her littery paws at least she's comfortable. haven't had it for that long yet."

Conradd F.

"My cats were tracking litter EVERYWHERE and I was losing my mind having to vacuum every day to not walk through litter on the ground. Immediately, this mat catches everything they bring out of the box with them and I can vacuum on a normal schedule and not tear my hair out."

Alexis G.

"Smart product. Easy to clean. I like that I can just pour the excess litter back into their box rather than vacuuming or carrying it outside."


Water-proof & simple to clean up

Our rug features a Water-proofanti-slip underlayer that keeps your wooden floors and carpets safe from unforeseen accidents. Washing it off with water is a breeze. Or just give it a quick wipe.

Vet's thumbs up
Our Mat, light as a feather yet tough, is made of green-friendly EVA stuff. It's cushy and gentle for your fur baby's paws. No smells, no bad stuff. It's totally safe, so use it worry-free.
Q. Is this product suitable for use with pellet litter?
A. Indeed! This product has been designed with versatility in mind, efficiently handling a variety of litters including pellet litter.
Q. How can you assure the safety of this product?
A. Rest assured, our mat is fully secure. It is completely devoid of any potentially harmful substances, provides ultra-soft comfort, and is designed to be gentle on your cat's paws - that's a promise.
Q. Will this product maintain its position on wooden flooring?

A. Certainly! Our mat features an anti-slip material on its underside to prevent any sliding or unintentional repositioning by your cat.

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