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Portable Silicone Dog Cat Canned Lid 2-in-1

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Color: Green


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1. Sealed, No Odor, Can Be Well Preserved Freshly

2. Canned Cat Food Can Be Kept For 72 Hours With The Cat Lid On

3. Food Grade Silicone Material, You Can Use It With Confidence

4. Suitable For 99% Percent Of Canned Cat Food On The Market

5. Our Cat Canned Lids Are Perfectly Solved, And The Canned Food That Cats Can'T Eat, Eliminate Waste And Can Be Well Preserved

360° Sealed Package

1. Design Of Embedded Seal

2. Good Adsorption

3. The Package Is Not Easy To Leak

Lntimate 3-Ring Design

Suitable For Most Round Cans

Simple Cover Opening

The Design Is Intimate And Easy To Take

Scrape out all the meat without dead ends

Safe And Secure

Food Grade Silicone Material

Suitable For All Kinds Of Round Cans


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