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PulseFix™ Portable Massage Gun

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“What are you waiting for...This thing is AMAZING! An excellent design made of high quality materials, this is an extremely well made massager. The interchangeable heads are made to penetrate deep into different muscle areas. I have tried various massage tools in the past but this model by far has more than exceeded my expectations. The massage gun is fairly intense at its lowest setting, and performs incredibly well on the lower muscle groups of the glutes, thighs, and calf muscles. It reduces pain in my lower back and shoulder blades better than any other massager I've owned!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Kelly
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Muscle soreness affects athletes, office crowds, drivers, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and sports enthusiasts alike. The cause is a lactic acid buildup in muscles during workouts or prolonged activity causing muscle pain that can sometimes last days. Professional trainers use large deep muscle massagers that penetrate the muscles releasing lactic acid buildup, but these machines are usually bulky and expensive leaving most lost without a solution.

Introducing the PulseFix™ Portable Massage Gun, a travel-friendly full feature deep tissue massage gun. PulseFix™ features the same great benefits of full-size deep tissue massage guns at a fraction of the price - deep tissue massages have been scientifically proven to release lactic acid buildup in the muscles allowing muscle pain relief and ultra-quick recovery after workouts. Using PulseFix™ for just 10 minutes on the sore area gives the user fast relief from muscle soreness and allows quicker recovery to return to activities sooner.

How PulseFix™ Will Change Your Life

✅ MUSCLE PAIN RELIEF: Lactic acid buildup is the cause of muscle pain across the entire body. PulseFix™ penetrates deep into muscle tissue to release lactic acid buildup allowing for quicker recovery and pain relief in only 10 minutes.

✅ FULL-SIZE FEATURES: Advances in technology allow full-size massage guns to be miniaturized into a portable form factor. PulseFix™ has a strong full-size motor, intelligent mute chip, and high capacity battery to allow fast muscle relief anywhere.

✅ QUIET AND PORTABLE: The PulseFix™ features a USB-C rechargeable battery and is designed with an intelligent mute chip that keeps the volume below 45dB (whisper level). This means it can be used in the office, on an airplane, or at the gym in peace without attracting attention or bothering others.

✅ FULL BODY MASSAGER: PulseFix™ features 4 attachments - a U-shaped head, round head, cone massage head, and spike massage head. The attachments can be used on the spinal region, shoulders, back, legs, arms, hands, and feet to offer relief across the entire body.

✅ VARIABLE AMPLITUDES: The intelligent dynamic amplitude changes the vibration pressure depending on the amount of force applied for ease of use. The pulse speed can be adjusted to either penetrate deep into the body or offer a relaxing massage.


How To Use

PulseFix™ features easy operation with only 2 buttons. Long press the button to turn on and off. Press the up or down button to increase or decrease speed.

4 attachment heads are included

  1. Spherical: suitable for pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi
  2. U Type: suitable for neck massage and cervical spine
  3. Cone: suitable for impacting deep tissues such as meridian, palm, and sole
  4. Spike: suitable for each muscle part for relaxation and shape

We understand what it’s like to feel lost and in pain after an exhausting day of physical activity. A long workout can leave you with debilitating muscle soreness caused by lactic acid buildup. A study by the National Institute of Health found that 23.4 Americans experience a lot of pain, so you are not alone if you experience deep muscle soreness.

The PulseFix™ is the perfect solution for almost anyone to relieve muscle soreness commonly caused by lactic acid buildup. You no longer need to suffer from muscle pain with the disappointment of the only solution being bulky and cumbersome deep tissue machines used by trainers. Only 10 minutes with the PulseFix™ will leave you at peak performance with quicker muscle recovery and relief from muscle soreness, and you can use it anywhere!


Package Contents

(1) PulseFix™ Mini LCD Massage Gun

(4) Massage Heads



Product Weight: 460g

Handle Material: ABS

Fuselage Material: ABS

Battery Life: 2 hours

Interface Type: USB-C

Output Voltage: 7.4v

Gear: 6 without LCD / 32 with LCD

Rated frequency: 50 Hz

Rated power: 24W

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