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Smart Cupping Massager

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Color: Red

Intensity: Standard (6-Level Intensity)

Standard (6-Level Intensity)
Pro (12-Level Intensity)


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Cupping Therapy Modernized For Today

The ancient healing method of cupping is one of the most effective ways to alleviate back and neck pain, muscle pain, aches, tension and injuries.

Our Smart Cupper combines traditional cupping with modernized systems such as red light therapy, and automatic suction and release, making it the most effective all-in-one therapy device both at home and professionally. 


Remarkable Benefits You'll Love:


    Massage Away Painful Knots: Relieves muscle pain, knots, and tension by easing the applied area into blissful relaxation


    Recover Faster: Speeds up recovery by drawing nutrient-rich blood to the targeted area, stimulating your body's natural healing process


    Release Toxins & Promote Mobility: Cupping therapy creates an avenue for toxins to be naturally detoxed from your body

    Massage Away Muscle Pain, Knots & Tightness

    Outperforms traditional cupping sets with its automatic suction and release, which aids in improving blood flow and stays on the applied area so you can enjoy a relaxing massage hands free! Lay back and relax as you feel your pain, knots, and tightness melt away!

    Recover Faster & Reduce Inflammation

    Red light therapy is an effective aid in reducing pain and inflammation, detoxification of the body, and supports healthy cellular immunity, bringing faster results in healing skin and muscle tissue.

    Adjustable Intensity For A Personalized Experience

    Choose your level of intensity when it comes to power, suction power, heating, and red light therapy with 6 settings (base model), and up to 12 with our high-intensity variant for those with greater tolerance.



Additional Features & Benefits:


    Therapeutic Heat - Adjustable levels of heat allow for the local region of muscles to relax so the benefits of cupping are maximized


    Smooth Away Scar Tissue & Cellulite - Cupping is known to ease the fascia connecting the skin and muscle, leading it to develop a more cellulite-free healthy appearance while making scar tissue less visible.


    Easy To Use & Portable - It's easy to use and intuitive functionality combined with its compact design allows for an effective therapy session whenever you need it. 

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