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🔥Smart™ Bunion Corrector

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Say Goodbye To Feet Pain

The SpankerToe™  is the all new safe, easy, and effective at-home foot relief treatment and preventative care solution. It's a simple, pain free way to rehabilitate overlapping toes, hammer toes, hallux valves, and crooked toes. 

bunion fixer

Our bunion corrector is adjustable to provide a comfortable fit. It is suitable for all foot sizes and can be used on both male and female feet. 

How to use

 Wear daily during activities or sleeping to prevent toes from bending. Our bunion corrector for women and men provides soft cushioning and support, allowing you to feel good throughout the day. Simply adjust the knob to create tension to stretch your toe.

Small Gadget, Big Pain Relief

Releases Muscle Tension: Our bunion corrector can be worn during daily activities and sleeping to help relieve muscle tension. It's soft cushioning and support allows to you to feel at ease throughout the day; no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Aligns Your Toes: Without the need of surgery, our bunion corrector gently aligns your big toe to it's proper alignment. It's strap design, helps keep your feet secured so that they can revert back to their natural alignment.

Live Your Life, Pain Free

"I’m crazy about this. As a Doctor myself, I am always looking for products to recommend to my patients. I’ve been using this for four days and I notice a big difference. So grateful I saw this product on TikTok! I just ordered a second one so I can do both feet at the same time!" - Dr. Dana Brems, DPM

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow long do you wear it in a day?

- For during the day use, we recommend to wear it for 3 hours. For night, you can sleep in your bunion corrector for the most effective results.

Can this product be worn inside of shoes?

- No, due to it's design; we'd suggest not wearing your bunion corrector inside of shoes.

Can you walk wearing these?

- Yes.

Can it be worn on both feet?

- Yes, it can be worn on both feet.
Package Include: 
  • Replceable Belt x2;

  • Hallux Valgus Exerciser x1;  

  • Manual Instruction x1;

  • Bunion Corrector x 1.

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