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Smoking Cessation Bracelet

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Color: GRAY

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Quit smoking by just wearing this Smoking Cessation Bracelet!
This bracelet can remove all the physical and mental addictive components of nicotine in tobacco. Stop cigarette addiction this instant!

Easily Quit Smoking
No more withdrawal syndrome! Breathe easily and bring back the healthy lungs you had before with this bracelet.

Quick Result in 7 days
This magic tool will cleanse and give you the positive energy to quit the addiction of smoking in just 7 days!

Various Beneficial Effects
Can help you focus on cessation, control cravings, invoke positive emotion, and fight addiction

Enhances Body Metabolism
Can increase metabolism that can affect your overall health, making you healthier and fit.

Improves Healthy Body & Lifestyle
Increases appetite for healthier foods and gives you the energy to exercise promoting a healthier physical body.

100% Natural Stone
Made from natural earth stones that have a natural magnetic field that signals your body.


Color: Yellow, White, Gray
Product Includes: 1 x Smoking Cessation Bracelet

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