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🔥Solar Fountain Pump - Power Your Garden Oasis with Nature's Energy!

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Introducing our DIY Solar Water Pump Kit, the perfect addition to your garden oasis! This small solar fountain comes equipped with six versatile sprinklers, allowing you to customize the water flow and height for various creative DIY projects. Enhance your garden with a mesmerizing bird bath fountain or create a serene fish tank water circulation system, promoting a vibrant ecosystem for your feathered and aquatic friends.

With a remarkable lifespan exceeding 20,000 hours, this pump is built to last. Harnessing the power of the sun, the upgraded 2.5W solar water pump boasts exceptional efficiency, thanks to its large area solar panel that generates ample energy. The height of the water display adjusts according to the sunlight intensity, ensuring an enchanting spectacle day after day.

Installation is a breeze! Simply submerge the pump in the water with the nozzle above the surface, securely anchoring the pump to the fountain's bottom to prevent any vibrations. Then, connect the pump's jack to the solar panel's output jack. Place the solar panel under direct sunlight for optimal performance.

Embrace eco-friendliness and safety with our solar-powered solution! Completely independent of batteries or electricity, our solar water pump kit operates solely on solar energy, making it an environmentally conscious choice. Rest assured, it is designed with user safety in mind, ensuring a worry-free and delightful experience.

Transform your patio and garden into a captivating wonderland with our DIY Solar Water Pump Kit. Let nature's energy work its magic as you create an inviting and comfortable space, exuding tranquility and charm. Embrace sustainability while enjoying the beauty of your garden with this elegant and environmentally-friendly patio and garden decoration. Get your Solar Water Pump Kit today and experience the wonders of solar-powered serenity.

Package Include: 1 * Solar Fountain Pump Set

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