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The Love Between A Mother And Son is Forever - Hand Stamped Bracelet to Celebrate the Mother-Son Love - Made of Vegan Leather and Zinc Alloy Charms



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If you want to gift something special to your mother or son just to show how much you love them, this is the thing you need. Celebrate the special bond between a mother and a son with this charm bracelet. It is made of vegan leather and has a zinc alloy charm. The zinc alloy charm has hand stamped letters that deliver a unique look to each bracelet. It is engraved as “the love between a mother and son is forever” which immortalizes the love of a mother and her son.

This also makes a great gift for her birthday or any other occasion when you want to tell her how special she is to you. The hand-stamped letters radiate an earthy charm and rustic look. This bracelet adorns your wrist beautifully and goes well with any outfit.

If you were looking for something to gift your mother on mother’s day, then this is your take.


  • Made of leather and has zinc alloy charms
  • Goes perfectly with any outfit
  • Engraved with “The Love between a mother and son is forever”
  • Hand stamped engravings emits a rustic and earthy charm
  • A special gift for your mother
  • Perfect for mother’s day, her birthday or any other occasion


  • Material: Vegan Leather
  • Charms: Zinc Alloy

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