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Transform Your Space with Galaxy Projection and Bluetooth Speakers

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--This Northern Lights Aurora Projector can project patterns of Dream Aurora、Stars and Moon.



--Northern Lights Galaxy Projector Up to 5 different mode colors settings to create magic galaxy dream aurora space for your kids: Half Moon, Full Moon, Saturn, Nebulae,Interstellar, make you feel like travel in the universe. The light creates a peaceful and relaxed sleeping atmosphere for you and your kids, making adults and kids get sleep better, the dream aurora star lights moon projector is absolutely perfect gift for kids.



8 Non-loop white noise to help sleep at any age

--The projector comes with 8 sleep-aiding white noises: Piano Song, City in the Sky, A Thousand and One, Light Beautiful Wind Chimes, Country Morning, Summer Insects, Summer Night, Rain.

--The projector has a built-in 5.0 Bluetooth function, becoming your second Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to enjoy wonderfully soothing afternoons, romantic dinners and romantic evenings.



360° Adjustable Light Projector

The dream aurora Star Projector can completely cover the ceiling or the wall of the room. Capable of 360° projection. The largest coverage projection area is 50㎡.Enjoy dining under the stars, create a relaxed aurora flow environment.



You can search the Bluetooth name: WH-E12B in your cell phone, you can connect to play music.



--There are two versions of the projector, a plug-in version, a rechargeable version, the rechargeable version of the projector built-in high-capacity battery.

--HD lens design for clearer projection.



Product information function

Product style: Plug-in version/Rechargeable version
Product voltage: DC 5V
Battery capacity: 2400mAh
Product material: ABS + PC
Control mode: Button


Product button operation instructions

Short press to power on/off, and the Northern Lights will light up in a circular gradient + green star breathing + starry sky projection effect after powering on.
Press and hold for 4 seconds to restart: When the projection lamp is stuck and cannot be operated, press and hold for 4 seconds to restart and resume normal use.
Note: The whole lamp will automatically shut down after working continuously for 8 hours by default, so as to protect the lamp beads from damage and have a long service life.

--Northern Lights Color & Brightness Adjustment Key
1. Aurora Borealis color switching: Short press will switch successively in the following color order (white light-blue and white light>green and white light-blue light-blue-green->green light-red light-red and blue light-red, blue and white light-color cycle gradient).
2. Brightness adjustment: Long press to adjust the brightness of the Northern Lights, press the lowest brightness-highest brightness-lowest brightness to change in a circle (when the brightness reaches the highest/lowest, the light will flash twice to prompt).

--Projection mode switch key
Short press to switch the projection effect, it will change successively in the following order:
1. only lights up the Northern Lights effect;
2. green stars with breathing effect;
3. only light up the star projection effect;
4. light up green stars breathing + star projection effect;
5. lights up the northern lights + star projection effect;
6. Light up the northern lights + green star breathing effect;
7. Light up the northern lights + starry sky projection + green star breathing effect.



Package Includes:

  • Projection lamp*1
  • Power cable*1
  • Manual *1



Northern Lights Starry Sky Projector for Room Decor


Star Projector is the perfect decor for a room and ideal gift for birthday, Christmas, anniversary. Let the galaxy lights projector bring you a beautiful starry night and vast aurora effects at your home, and turn your room into a home planetarium, allowing you to dream of space at night, create an otherworldly visual experience.

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