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Water Floating Belt


Color: Blue


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Water Floating Belt - A Convenient Way To Experience An Effective Water Workout

Looking for a solution to keep your balance in water? Our Water Floating Belt is very useful for beginners to learn how to swim or for any water sports enthusiasts. This float belt can make your body float easily and increase its buoyancy. Water jogging belt puts you in the correct alignment for swimming while increasing freedom of movement. The fully adjustable belt of the float belt holds water runner securely and comfortably at the waist. This water jogging belt is made of soft foam that will not chip, break or absorb water. Having fun in the water and learning to swim just got easier with the float belt.

Learn To Keep Balance & Swim Quickly With The Ultimate Water Floating Belt


  • The water jogging belt is made of high quality, smooth foam feels soft and silky, solid, no coatings, won't rub or chafe.
  • Adjustable belt holds the float belt securely and comfortable around the waist, easily buckles on the back.
  • This water jogging belt ensures comfort, won’t bruise, dig, pinch or tip you forward.
  • The shape and fit of float belt promote the maximum range of motion and breathing.
  • Specially contoured water jogging belt to fit below ribs and above hips.
  • This float belt is ideal for swimming learners, water sports lovers.
  • Unisex, one size of water jogging belt fits for most children. 
  • The float belt gives lumbar support and vertical balance.


  • This is not a life-saving device.

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