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Windproof Reverse Umbrella


Color: Blue


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A Unique Reverse Umbrella To Keep You Dry When It Drips!

Tired of all the hassles that come along with rainy days? With Windproof Reverse Umbrella, stay completely dry and feel comfortable when it rains.

This windproof reverse umbrella is made of the finest quality, heavy duty, pongee cloth. It works as full protection from the rain and wind or as a shield against harmful UV rays during hot summer days. Bright colors and stylish patterns that will make you the center of attention anywhere you go.

Windproof Reverse Umbrella Helps To Keep You Dry When It Pours So You Can Stay Hassle Free And Feel Comfortable


  • ALLOWS YOU TO PLACE IT SAFELY: The windproof reverse umbrella is easy to use with a simple click and push. You can open and close it in confined spaces when entering or exiting a building or car. Safer to open and close when in crowds, since the danger to poke in people's eyes has been removed by design. 

  • REVERSED CLOSING SYSTEM: The dry inner side of the umbrella comes on the outside. It keeps the wet side away to keep you dry when you make it in from the rain. Keeps the wet part inside once you've closed it, so things don't get dripped on when you put it away after coming indoors.

  • WINDPROOF: The straight umbrella easily slices through all winds due to its aerodynamic design. It always finds the most comfortable position in the wind. Exceptionally pleasant to use, even in strong gales, if the canopy flips, it can be rectified at a push of the button.

  • CONVENIENT: The windproof reverse umbrella can stand up on its own. Ideal for when you have nowhere to prop your umbrella up against. It allows you to keep your hands free and perform any task without worrying about getting drenched in the rain.

  • GROUNDBREAKING HANDLE: The windproof reverse umbrella has special C shaped ribbed handle design, larger than normal reverse umbrellas. Inside out design adds a nice twist by turning inside-out when you're not using it. 
Package Includes:
  • 1 x Windproof Reverse Umbrella

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