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Wireless Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System



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Make Sure Your Tires Are Perfectly Filled With This Wireless Car Tire Pressure Monitor!

Want to monitor your car’s tire pressure efficiently.? Now you can monitor the tire pressure & temperature of the tires and be ready in emergencies with Wireless Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Wireless Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System Helps To Monitor Car Tire Pressure Quickly And Effortlessly So You Can Stay Hassle Free About Your Tire


  • TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM: The tire pressure monitoring system dynamically monitor tire pressure. It can prevent puncture and damage to car parts caused by the flat tire. It improves fuel efficiency, prolongs tire life, increases traffic safety and avoids abnormal wear of vehicle parts.

  • WIRELESS TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGY: Monitor and sensors are wireless. The car tire pressure monitoring system supports visual and sound warning, support air leakage warning, low-pressure warning, high-pressure warning, high-temperature warning, low power warning, and no signal warning.

  • BUILT TO LAST: The car tire pressure monitoring system is made of high-quality material for long-lasting use. Waterproof, dustproof and anti-fog sensor. Suitable for the vehicle with the maximum pressure of a tire is below 8 bar, like cars, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, jeeps, and minibusses.

  • EASY TO CHARGE: The receiver is charged by solar power. No need to use your car power. It can also be charged by DC 5V voltage through its micro USB port which makes sure normal use in cloudy or rainy days. The sensors have built-in CR1632 lithium-ion 480mAh battery.

  • 4 EXTERNAL SENSORS: The car tire pressure monitoring system comes with 4 external sensors, easy to be mounted and replaced. No risk to destroy your tire, plug & play. After installation, it supports to change the tires without changing the sensor.

  • DIGITAL LCD SCREEN: LCD screen of this car tire pressure monitoring system displays tire pressure and tire temperature simultaneously. The tire pressure and temperature alarm standard level can be set, centigrade and Fahrenheit unit for selection.
  • Sensor Size: 2.1*1.7cm / 0.8*0.7" (D*H)
  • Display Size: 9.5*8*2.8cm / 3.7*3.1*1.1" (L*W*H)

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