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Wrench Plus


Size: 8 inch


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Work Effortlessly With The Ultimate Adjustable Wrench Plus!

Are you looking for an adjustable wrench to finish all your important projects? Now you can work effortlessly with this ultimate Wrench Plus. An adjustable wrench which can be adjusted easily.

It comes in two sizes- 6-inch and 8-inch. It easily adjusts and covers different sizes. It’s made of high carbon steel with non-slip grip, safer to use. It has a universal orientation which works in either hand in any position. Easy to use and perfectly fits in all nuts and bolts.

Wrench Plus Helps To Tighten All Your Nuts/Bolts Easily And Effortlessly So You Can Work Effortlessly For Your Repairing Projects


  • MATCH ALL KINDS OF BOLTS & PIPES: The wonder wrench easily adjusts and covers 16 sizes; won't strip nuts or bolts. Efficient ratcheting by releasing, then re-gripping the object. Suitable for repairing cars, motorcycles, and appliances, or taking down bolts, screws, and pipes.

  • EASY TO HANDLE: With a single grip, you can easily match all kinds of pipes and bolts. It increases your hands’ gripping power on the nut or bolt. The adjustable wrench perfectly fits in all nuts and bolts.

  • QUALITY THAT LASTS: The wrench plus is made of high carbon steel with soft rubber handle. The high-quality material makes it durable for long use. Its non-slip grip makes it safer to use.

  • ADJUSTABLE & FLEXIBLE: This wonder wrench is easy to use, tightens all six sides for a firm fit. 6-inch and 8-inch adjustable wrench can be adjusted easily. 

  • UNIVERSAL ORIENTATION: The wrench plus works in either hand in any position. Universal design that fits large and small hands.Useful and portable tool for repairing and daily maintenance.

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