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Yoga Massage Roller


Color: Black


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Yoga Massage Roller - Your Personal Massage Therapy Tool To Get Spa-Like Massage At Home

Do feel like personal massage therapy is too expensive and inconvenient? Our Yoga Massage Roller provides the therapeutic massage as it allows you to target specific muscle groups and pain points.

This yoga roller heals damaged soft tissue, increasing flexibility and range of motion, while reducing pain and soreness. It increases blood flow and circulation to your muscles and soft tissue before and after workouts. Now you can enjoy therapeutic benefits like decreased recovery time from injuries and increased mobility with this massage roller.


Relieve Muscle Soreness & Improve Mobility With This Yoga Massage Roller


  • ERGONOMIC TEXTURED DESIGN: Designed especially to address muscle soreness and joint stiffness. The 3 massage zones apply pressure in varying degrees of density. The bumpy knob and ridges with different textures of massage roller are able to provide precisely targeted massage for different spots of your muscles. These textures of yoga roller increase friction, so the foam doesn't get slippery even when your skin is sweaty, which prevents you from accidental falling or get hurt. 

  • GREAT FOR MASSAGE & WORKOUT: This massage roller helps to increase blood flow and circulation to problem areas, decreasing recovery time, and increasing mobility, flexibility, and range of motion. Ergonomically engineered yoga roller suits human body precisely. Rolling before and after exercise with yoga massage roller can be a great addition to your stretching routine.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: The hollow core design of massage roller ensures it's lightweight, weighing only 2 pounds, you can carry it around effortlessly. You can stuff the yoga roller with towels, clothes or other things. 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Yoga Massage Roller

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